About ASecure

Asecure is a Limerick-based company that provides high-quality services in the security and electrical sector. The company is based in Limerick but carries out work nationwide. They have been in business for over 10 years and, with their employees, have combined expert knowledge of all things CCTV, electrical, access control, intruder alarms, fire alarms, emergency lighting, gate automation, and barrier automation.

Electrical Services

Asecure are registered electricians, with an experienced and skilled team in all electrical disciplines.


Intruder Alarm Services

Asecure encourages intruder alarm installations to protect homes and businesses. The presence of bellboxes on buildings deters potential robberies or break-ins. With the addition of alarm monitoring, you can be made aware of any incidents before arriving at the scene or putting yourself in danger. We specialize in:


Asecure is a leader in CCTV installations, having developed and maintained large CCTV systems since its establishment in 2012. Equipped with a knowledgeable team that has a passion for wireless technology, Asecure uses only the best and most professional products available in the market, as well as IT qualifications. Asecure offers both domestic and commercial CCTV installations and provides quality services for each, ensuring the safety of your home and business.


Access Control

Access control is crucial for creating a safe environment at home or in the workplace. Asecure offers and installs a wide range of professional products for both domestic and business applications, including standalone, door, or more complex shared systems in large commercial buildings. Our products include:


We pride ourselves on our accomplishments to date and will continue our tradition of offering our clients bespoke solutions using the latest technologies.

Secure today for a safer tomorrow

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